reclaimed ~ repurposed ~ salvaged collections


May 25, 2020


and salute all of those men and women who have served
and are currently giving to this beautiful country

May 21, 2020

N O W   O P E N!
at Emily's Luncheon & Antiques
OPEN Mon-Sat from 7 to 4
and Sun from 8 to 1

FUN summer baskets to corral picnic essentials or perhaps potatoes & onions or even TP in a powder room


By far one of my favorite door bars I've created.
THOSE LEGS!! are just beautiful.
Of course if you prefer, you could use this one piece door unit as
a coffee stand for your pot/Keurig and hang
some mugs 
on the rake head or in an entryway to catch keys/mail/hats . . . LOTS of possibilities

This great wicker table measures 36" round with glass top - perfect for 4 (only $50!) Staged with two rush seat ladder back chairs ($18 each) makes a charming set for inside or out 

May 20, 2020

More SEASON OPENER pics...

Bringing nature IN as I'm covering the plastic mini blinds on the little windows in the shop. Some birch dead fall did the trick!!


UNIQUE bird feeders and houses ~ in a lampshade? WHY NOT!

Old built in butlers pantry door with brass hooks ($45)

Gorgeous little yellow antique window with tinted glass measuring about 15x24"
($32)  Small orange sparkly wreath sold separately ($12)
This unique piece was a Sea Captain's desk originating
from the east coast.  It's meant to mount on the wall with the
drawer expanse used for map reading ($150)
Here it's sitting on a beautiful antique console table
 with inlay and one drawer ($185)

Secretary dresser in roughed up creme paint

BOOK shelves . . . Tom Clancy in black and The Knitting Club in red

Planted aluminum coffee pots ($22 each)
LOVE these square chicken plates ~ set of 4


May 19, 2020


We are opening the doors at Emily's Luncheon & Antiques on MAY 21!  

Come enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch and a GREAT BROWSE of antiques, vintage, furniture and unique treasures.  Shop all the upstairs rooms in the house/restaurant and the outbuildings too.  Plenty of parking!  Please follow the safety measures in place as we transition from sheltering in to social distancing out and about.

FUN summer baskets!