reclaimed ~ repurposed ~ salvaged collections


September 30, 2014

WHAT A TRIP!  We were in church basements, open fields, fairgrounds, Main Streets, barns, horse trailers, semi trailers  and garages scrounging for the perfect items to fill our trailers and every nook and cranny of the vehicles to make our trek to Nebraska a MORE THAN worth it adventure.

great looking stove pipe cover
lots of possibilities for this piece
a little excited about the

a bit of Christmas from Anselmo
fine cuisine!


getting it all IN!

awesome trailers of TREASURES were everywhere

TRIKE COLLECTION in middle of a parking lot
OH THE PIE!!!  Every church sale had great offerings.
THANKS SHERI for the great choke cherry treat!
Six ways!

wrestling the gate straight to get it in the trailer
COOKIES for the road from a local garage sale….YUM

FROSTY sits proud in the trailer waiting for the next move
you will see this adorable buggy
on the front porch with seasonal pumpkins

Local delivery to Junkers

LOADING that last little bit in the trailer
100 yr old BEAUTIES
ABSOLUTELY the best coffee on our trek at Deer Canyon Coffee in Sargent NE.  Don't miss it when you are in the area and say "HI" to proprietors Di & Dick . . .
from the great front door to log decor and this wonderful repurposed chandelier it's a cozy spot for a great cup or a delicious lunch
toffee frappe….Y U M M Y

check out their Facebook page for great info

 had our pic taken with ROY ROGERS just for fun

relaxing by the side of the road
whew! what a wild weekend

September 26, 2014

September 23, 2014


check back often to see photos from our big adventure...
ahhhh...the open road and "junk" in the truck

We'll be picking up treasures all along the 300 mile loop!