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June 8, 2016

Feels great to be back in sunny Colorado, even if just for about a week.  Greeted with a beautiful sunset

always nice to be back on the deck with this view!
Had a chance to do a fun LOCAL playdate with our neighbors for a "History & Whiskey Walking Tour" downtown Denver (Centennial Tours).  Such a fun afternoon strolling and learning about the historic sights we may miss walking by.
The Oxford Hotel was my favorite stop.  Check out the cool keys behind the front desk. 

Shaped in the form of a bottle the hotel bar is decked in vintage classic style.  Didn't see any celebs, but they stay here often.

    Another stop for famous celebs in Denver is across the street at the Rockmount Ranch Wear shop.  
Their original diamond snap western shirts are worn by many from Cary Grant to Elvis to any country star you can name.  Fun to look at all their photos hanging in the shop.  
Have my eye on a black & white paisley one!
Iconic El Chapultepec features jazz greats and their own special shot.  Yep! that's a dried grasshopper floating in it.
I passed on that one!!
Tour ended at Mile High Spirits for some sipping of choice.  LOVE their chandeliers!
 Always something happening in Larimer Square. . .

      Was a fun day and a great reminder
that once in awhile you
MUST play tourist in your own town.