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January 12, 2016

     a CHECKERED CORNER original

You've heard of BFF...BBQ...BYO...and BBKing but have you ever heard of BBP?

Because we have so many creative customers & friends that shop us, I will be highlighting products and pieces that I find (or usually that find me in lots of cases) in their BEFORE stage.  Most of us that love to CREATE anything tend to have lots of stuff we may need just in case we decide to use it one day.  I gravitate toward wood and metal finds because they can easily take on a new life with a coat of paint. 

As the new year begins  my storage locker is getting purged! 

When you shop at CURTICE STREET MARKETPLACE this weekend, you will find items from Checkered Corner that will be tagged BBP.  
Purchase it and work your own magic.

NEW YEAR ~ NEW LOOK!  We all have those websites and blogs that we follow just to check in.  I love the ones where I get inspired with ideas and get to know the person that's doing the creating or arranging. My goal this year is to SHARE on my blog updated trash to treasure projects, experiences & junking adventures.  I hope you will enjoy reading along as my interests and personality unfold in my work.   
 Check back often!!  I'd love to know what you think!      anita